Business Owners

Maximize the value of your business land holdings with strategic feasibility, and development strategies.

Private Land Holders

Understand the rapid changing zoning and city official plans, which can alter your development potential.


Are you working with high-net worth individuals who are looking for strategic long-term opportunities? Our development strategy team can quickly assess sites for potential development.


Are you trying to understand opportunities with low-income housing, land parcels, or commercial real estate? Our experts can review your portfolio and provide guidance for highest and best use development opportunities with least resistance from governments.

We provide evidence and data-based development consulting servicesWe provide evidence and data-based development consulting services
About us

We provide evidence and data-based development consulting services

Crescent Urban Development is a boutique development consulting firm offering advisory services that help unlock real estate development potential in southern Ontario. Crescent Urban Developments works with business owners, private land holders, and realtors to address the complex development process from feasibility, approvals, and construction. We work with our clients to get developments to various stages depending on the risk tolerance and capital/timeline.

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Naeem FarooqiNaeem Farooqi

Naeem Farooqi

Crescent Urban Development founder, Naeem Farooqi, is an award-winning consultant, entrepreneur and leader in emerging sustainability technologies. He has completed his undergrad at Schulich School of Business along with a master’s in urban planning from the University of Toronto. He actively works in the intersection of supply chain, urban development, asset management, and sustainability for various sectors such as real estate, transport and technology.

Naeem Farooqi
Crescent Urban Development founder
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01.Feasibility Studies

Undertaking preliminary research and discussion with local authorities to understand the development potential for the site. Highest and best use analysis.


Development Strategy

After completing a feasibility study, we work with clients to understand their risk appetite for development. We map out the time and money commitments for this development and identify a path, which the owners can work to achieve with our team.


Project Collaboration

CUD provides a turn-key solution for clients bringing capital investors, construction firms, and consultants together to owners to ensure a strong execution on the development. This solution allows each party an ownership stake in a special development joint venture


Owners Rep

Our team transitions into an owner’s rep during the approval process for Siteplan and building permit navigating the difficult world of studies, consultants, architects and urban planners. We ensure owners are kept in the loop and understand their ROI.


Portfolio Asset Management

Our team of specialist can work with large institutions and Non-profits to understand their real estate portfolio for opportunities pertaining to development or divestment of land holdings.


Some of our work

Bradford Cemetery
Bradford Cemetery
15,000+ burial spot cemetery serving a religious community
10 Storey Residential Condo Project
10 Storey Residential Condo Project
96-unit condo project with ground floor medical retail
Freehold TownHome Complex
Freehold TownHome Complex
19-unit 3 storey freehold townhome complex in Brampton
Custom Beach homes
Custom Beach homes
3 High-end modern homes with beach access in Hamilton.
Highway Commercial Service Center
Highway Commercial Service Center
Exploring highest and best use development strategy Pelham
High-end Custom Homes
High-end Custom Homes
Supporting client development process for single-occupancy homes across Ontario
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